“What comes into your mind when you think about God is the most important thing about you.” This is the opening line of The Knowledge of the Holy—a Christian classic written by A. W. Tozer in 1961.

Tozer writes that wrong thinking about God is the source of many of our troubles and lack of spiritual power. We must think rightly about God, as he actually is, revealed in the pages of Scripture. Hence Tozer’s book examining the attributes of God.

This book is electrifying. It is a book about the bigness of God, about his transcendence and majesty, his perfection, his purity, and his holiness. It is a book about the beauty of God. It will help the reader know and understand God as he really is, and more—to love him more for all his glorious attributes.

The Knowledge of the Holy is a short book and is simply and beautifully written. It is accessible for all ages and types of Christians and well worth many readings.